Currently Vol. 1


Today I'm doing things a little different and revisiting a type of post I originally shared several months ago. I think these are really fun to read and like the idea of sharing every now and then. These can also be a great, quick, easy way to document life through your wedding planning process. 

Making: Signs + a ceremony backdrop for a wedding I have coming up in March. 

Eating: An awesome white chilli that Michael made for us earlier this week. 

Drinking: Hot chocolate.

Reading: Eleanor & Park for A Beautiful Mess' Bookclub. I've liked other Rainbow Rowell books, so I have hopes for enjoying this one.

Playing: Get-ahead. haha. Michael + I are planning to escape for this weekend and getaway on a much needed mini rest. In the meantime, I have a lot I need to get ahead on so that I can actually relax while we're away.

Enjoying: Planning for the future. Lots of exciting things are coming up in the next several months and I'm loving planning for and anticipating all of them. 

Liking: These tips for a healthier, happier life. My favorite is celebrating the little victories.

Loving: This Valentine's DIY project.

Smelling: Our subtle lemon poppyseed candle. I love light, fresh scents.

Wearing: My new Jordandene shirt which I adore. I'll be sharing more soon!

Noticing: That my capsule wardrobe in the making is leaning towards pieces that create looks like this.

Thinking: About too many things, honestly. My head has been a whirlwind of thoughts lately that just needs to calm down. I've filled up tons of notebook pages with notes, but each thought seems to birth more thoughts. 

Giggling: At Max who has decided that the triangle shaped plastic sewing machine cover is the place to be sleeping...even though he can never find a place to perch.

Feeling: Excited yet in need to a slower pace. This weekend will be good for that!

Planning: Our trip to Nashville tomorrow. Michael is taking a big test Thursday, and we're going to visit his cousins for a couple days as a reward. We can't wait!

What about you? What are some of the things you're doing currently? 

xoxo, Stacia