Big News!

Big News! - Paper Swallow Events

Ah! I have been busting to share this news with all of you for quite some time and I can't believe that everything is finally in a place where I can share it with you! I emailed all of my current brides earlier this week to sooth any worries or concerns it might cause for them so now the only people left to tell are you, my dear blog readers, internet friends, and future brides.

Michael + I are moving to Charleston, South Carolina!

Big News! - Paper Swallow Events

We've been saving and praying and working towards the transition for almost a year now. Close friends and family have been walking alongside us for months as we looked for a job transfer for Michael and a place to call home.

Why Charleston?

First off, we love it there. From the very first time we visited (our honeymoon) Michael and I both felt a sense of belonging there. It truly just felt like home. At first we joked about moving and then the joking became "maybe we should actually do this" until we finally said, "You know, we don't have kids right now and we know we don't want to stay in our current town, so let's take a leap and go on a grand adventure together!"

Secondly, it's better for my business and for Michael's career. Charleston is located close to so many cities where I would love to do weddings. Charleston also offers more career opportunities for Michael.

Big News! - Paper Swallow Events


To start off with, we're renting. We've had to do this whole process long distance for a variety of reasons and we really didn't want to purchase anything until we'd been living in the area for a while and figured out where we would really want to settle and could tour homes in person.


Never fear! I am still more than willing to travel for weddings. I've done long distance with brides before (and currently) and the process can still run very smoothly. Plus, if you're getting married in the Chattanooga area, it won't be hard to convince me to come since my in laws live in that area.

Big News! - Paper Swallow Events

When are you moving?

We're moving out of our current apartment on July 1st and road tripping to Charleston with all of our belongings. Between now and then we'll be spending most of our evenings with local friends who we will miss dearly as the move approaches and going through our belongings because we want to avoid moving anything that we haven't been using during our time here. 

Any tips for a successful move are appreciated along with any prayers for a smooth transition! I really look forward to continuing to serve you all from my new city! :)

xoxo, Stacia