5 Beautiful Places to Honeymoon Overseas

This is my second installment of beautiful places to honeymoon. Last time I focused on the USA (though that post ended up a little lopsided by focusing on California.) This time I'm spreading the love out more and also taking us overseas with five beautiful places to honeymoon in Europe!


Edinburgh looks like an absolutely stunning town! Green, lush, and full of beautiful architecture. What more could you want?!

Photo by DesignloveFest.

Photo by DesignloveFest.


I have been hearing so many good things about Amsterdam recently, and all the photos I've seen make it look like the perfect place to go exploring on your honeymoon! The Kuekenhof Gardens are located about an hour outside of the city and look absolutely gorgeous - tulips for days and it only costs 16 euros to get in!

Photo by A Clothes Horse


Matera looks like an absolutely wonderful old city to wander and explore. Apparently the streets twist and turn a lot, so it could potentially be easy to get lost, but if you're up for wandering without an agenda, it might be the perfect place for you!

Photo by Snippet & INk

Photo by Snippet & INk

Cinque Terre

This area of Italy is more remote and less touristy than a lot of them, but it is absolutely stunning! There is a collection of little towns that you can explore via the water which is perfect if you want to be adventurous yet not have to go far on your honeymoon!

Photo by Top Inspired

Photo by Top Inspired


The Greek Islands are on my list of places I want to visit oh so badly! Santorini has beautiful volcanic views and unique beaches with red and black sand. If you love the water, this place should be on your list!

Where do you want to visit?

xoxo, Stacia