3 Wedding Costs You Might Be Forgetting

3 Wedding Costs You Might be Forgetting - Paper Swallow Events #wedding #budget

Wedding costs add up quickly. There are so many vendors to be booked and items to be purchased. It is quickly and easily overwhelming for every couple. I could go on and on about how many costs you should be expecting, but here are three costs that I'm sure you're aware of yet may have forgotten to put in the budget.

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are an integral part of making guests feel appreciated and a part of wedding etiquette that it's really hard to get around. You do have a year to get them all sent out, so that can help spread out the strain on your finances that can occur during the month of your wedding. But I would advise getting thank you notes out sooner than later, before you loose steam. Remember, guests get thank you notes for whatever they bring you at showers, too.

Postage could also be tacked on here. You need to count on approximately 4 stamps per guest (save the dates, invitation, RSVP card, and thank you notes.) It adds up fast. If you need to cut costs and do RSVPs online, just make the directions clear and easy for your guests to follow otherwise they just won't do it.


Wedding dresses rarely come exactly how you want or need them to fit. Whether it's a fit issue or just bustling alone, alterations are necessary and often expensive. Alterations can run anywhere from $150-300+. One expense saving tip would be to not get your alterations done by the seamstress at the dress boutique you purchased your dress from. Instead, find a local seamstress that does dress alterations and have them work on your dress. They will generally be much less expensive for the same (or sometimes better) quality of work.

Late Fees

This are important because they exist. The goal would be for you to never need to pay them, but if you don't pay attention to the contracts you sign for each of your vendors you could end up with an unexpected amount due. Be sure you know when all of your rentals are due back to their respective vendor and who is in charge of getting them there. If your groom is renting a tux, make sure that either you are able to drop is off on your honeymoon (which means the groom needs a going away outfit) or that someone responsible will drop it off before you receive any late fees.

What was a cost that you didn't expect on your wedding day? Has anything come up in your wedding process that was unexpected so far?

xoxo, Stacia