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 Photo by Vested Image

Photo by Vested Image


I (Stacia) love combining the non-traditional, rule-bending side of my California upbringing with the elegant, tradition-filled events of the South. I believe that traditions (or expectations) shouldn't stop a couple from having the wedding day of their dreams, and strive to empower their voices every step of the way. 

My passion is for helping couples along the journey towards their wedding. I know what it's like to pour your heart in to planning your dream wedding, and I know how vital it is to have a "right hand" person there to help you ensure that all your details are in place while simultaneously letting you relax + celebrate.

It is my desire to be that "right hand" for all of my couples, and nothing makes me happier than their joyful smiles as they celebrating their love for each other! (I've been known to shed a few happy tears on wedding days.)

Favorite Things: My fur babies, colored hair, Stranger Things, paper flowers, Doctor Who, and doing 1000 piece puzzles.


 Photo by Leighton DaCosta.

Photo by Leighton DaCosta.


While our couples may not see Michael as much during the planning process, he is a vital team member behind the scenes. He's the floor plan designing master and executes all of our heights/hanging related installs with precision. Once the wedding day arrives, however, Michael is an ever-present face helping to ensure that all details receive the attention they deserve.

In his book, parties where people aren't having fun might as well not happen, so ensuring that our couples have fun-filled and relaxing wedding days is high on his priority list. Together we have our wedding day groove down to a science.

Favorite Things: PhotographyGame of Thrones, doing the worm, Westworld, new Micron pens, and adding to our record collection.

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Max has been a key member of the team from the very beginning. He's the strong, silent type, so we don't hear much input from him, but he's still a valuable member of the team.

Favorite Things: Keeping laps warm, chasing ribbons, and jumping whenever we use the printer.

 Photo by Sarah Becker Photography

Photo by Sarah Becker Photography

Our Wedding Day

Michael + I got married on a beautiful, rainy day in May. Even though rain could have made our day stressful, we decided to make the most of it and took all of our portraits out in the rain because it was just too pretty not to! 

german sheperd husky puppy named khaleesi


Khaleesi only joined the team a few months ago, and she's still adapting to her role. You could say she's more interested in being the class clown than getting any serious work done, but we have hope for her yet.

Favorite Things: Making people think she's a coyote, shaking hands, and pretending to be dead when she's supposed to sit.


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