5 Tips for Traveling with Your Wedding Dress

Tips for Traveling with Your Wedding Dress - Paper Swallow Events

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to travel with your wedding dress? 

Many brides do not have to conquer this hurdle in the process of wedding planning, but others do. Whether you're traveling with it because you're having a destination wedding, are stuck taking it with you on your honeymoon, or whatever other reason you might have, traveling with your dress can be intimidating. I know. I traveled with mine from California (where I purchased it with my mom and sister) to Tennessee (where I was living, got it altered, and got married.)

Tips for Traveling with Your Wedding Dress - Paper Swallow Events

Here are some of the things I learned while traveling with my wedding dress:

Make sure that the airline you plan to travel with will allow you to bring your dress on as a carry on item.

You really don't want to leave your dress at the mercy of the baggage handlers that handle all of the luggage underneath the plane. Most airlines do their best to accommodate brides with wedding gowns. I was able to travel with mine in its garment bag and the stewardess hung it in the plane's coat closet. Worst case scenario, either change airlines or buy a hard-cased suitcase that's the largest size the airline will allow for a carry on and delicately pack your dress inside. Remember: It will be counted as a carry on item.

Give yourself extra time for security screening.

Some airports may require you to unpack the dress during the security screening. Allow yourself extra time at the airport, just in case.

Tips for Traveling with Your Wedding Dress - Paper Swallow Events

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get your dress lightly steamed before your wedding.

If you're traveling for a destination wedding, give yourself time (and pre-book) to get yourself to a dry cleaners or bring a travel steamer with you. Your dress will likely get at least a little wrinkled and you don't want those wrinkles to show up on your wedding day!

Protect the dress!

I was fortunate and able to travel with my dress in a garment bag. However, airports are busy and I didn't want any accidents to happen. The night before I left, my mom and I took large trash bags and gently slipped one over the top of my dress, one over the bottom, and cut holes on either side of a third trash bag so that it could slip up and cover the middle section (we taped it in place.) This way, even if someone bumped into me with a liquid, the dress would stay protected.

Tips for Traveling with Your Wedding Dress - Paper Swallow Events

Be polite yet assertive.

I let the airport personnel at each of my gates (I had layovers) know when I had arrived and about my dress situation. I also asked, very politely, if I could board early so that I could speak with the flight attendant about hanging my dress or find and overhead compartment where it wouldn't get damaged. I found that everyone was very polite (even though I got some strange looks) and that this method went over much better than surprising people with my large dress bag as I was boarding. Give them time to help you.

Tips for Traveling with Your Wedding Dress - Paper Swallow Events

Remember, the way airlines handle situations like this is always changing. Be sure to check with your airline and determine the best course of action. Wedding insurance or even, I know I sound crazy, buying a seat for your wedding dress, are always options that may be worth considering over the cost of potentially damaging or loosing your dress. 

Have you ever traveled with your wedding dress?

xoxo, Stacia

The photos from my wedding are from Sarah Becker Photography and her second shooter, Maddie K. Doucet. Thanks, ladies!

According to My Clients: Dhember

Boho Bride Paper Swallow Events

"Working with Stacia is pure joy. It is easy and pleasant and there's very little to work on when she's taking care of things. I would remember something that needed to get done and freaking out about it and she had already gotten it done. Having Stacia as our day of coordinator was the absolute best thing. She works hard and always double checks to make sure that you're getting exactly the vision/idea in your head. There is so much room to cry or be nervous or just be ecstatic she will share all the emotions with you and also reassure you. I can clearly see The Lord has blessed her with a servant's heart and a love to make your wedding exactly what you want. You can count that everything was done in a professional manner but in the most kind and gentle way."

- Dhember, Bride

(Photos by Sarah Becker Photography. See Dhember + Jesse's gorgeous boat dock, Charleston wedding here.) 

Jesse + Dhember: A Relaxed Charleston Boat Dock Wedding

Boat Dock Wedding - Paper Swallow Events

When it comes to Jesse + Dhember I don't even know where to start. My husband and I have known Jesse for years (he was in our wedding and Michael lived with him on a couple occasions before we got married.) Dhember didn't come into the picture until more recently. I met her briefly before Jesse did and I was immediately struck by her warmth and joy. When Michael + I heard that she and Jesse were dating, it just made sense. The two of them love each other and the people around them so well and it was such a delight to be part of their wedding day. I love how their day was such a beautiful mix of their personalities and how it was full of the love and talents of their closest friends and family!

This wedding was unique, also, because I worked in collaboration with Jesse's cousin Summer who did the majority of the wedding planning and all of the food. I stepped in on the wedding day and took care of all the coordination details so that Summer could focus on the food and enjoy the wedding with the rest of the family. I'm really glad that I had the chance to work with Summer and allow her to just enjoy the day even though it was a bit out of the norm for me!

xoxo, Stacia

Photography: Sarah Becker Photography  |  Venue: Crosby's Seafood  |  Planning + Food:  Desserts by Summer  |  Coordination: Paper Swallow Events

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Retro Comic Book Girl

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Hello lovelies!

I'm looking a little different today. haha. I love Halloween and coming up with unique costumes. Michael + I aren't going anywhere this year, but if we were, I would definitely be going as a retro-inspired comic book girl. Today I thought it would be fun to share a tutorial with you incase YOU want to go as a comic book girl in my place. ;) 

Ready to see me looking completely bizarre?? Here we go!


Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow (colors = your choice), Black Facepaint, Black Waterproof Eyeliner, Red Lipstick, Blush (cream recommended), White Facepaint, Blue Facepaint, Mascara, Thin Brush for Application, Q-Tips for Application + Falsies.

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Start by applying foundation to your face and neck. Do your best to get your skintone as even as possible. If you want to get an even more authentic comic book feel, you could try mixing some white face paint in with your foundation to make your complexion even paler.

Next, using face paint, you will draw lines on and around your face to give yourself an outline. (Remember, the goal is to look like we're a drawing come to life.)

My suggested order to prevent as much smudging as possible: Your collar bones, the sides of your nose, down the center of your nose, the inside of your nostrils (this tickles!), your eyebrows, your ears, your forehead + jawline.

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Apply eyeshadow, blush and a bright red lipstick. I went neutral with my eyeshadow, but you could go as colorful as you want!

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Outline your eyes and your lips with waterproof eyeliner. (Since face paint is water-based, I recommend the waterproof eyeliner around your lips for more long-lasting coverage.)

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Optional: Using blue facepaint, draw a tear pool under one eye. Outline with black waterproof eyeliner and add white light glimmers with white face paint.

Recommended: Add a white glimmer to your lower lip using white face paint. Be careful not to let it smudge while it dries.

Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Take your q-tip, moisten it slightly, and then roll it in your white face paint. Use the round end to carefully and consistently apply dots all over your face and neck area. Be careful not to let the dots overlap with any of your black outlines to maintain the drawn illusion. I used a few q-tips to keep the size the way I wanted.

Apply falsies and mascara.

For a slightly different, probably more authentic comic book look, you could also apply red dots instead of white.

What are you being this Halloween?

xoxo, Stacia

Michael + Me: An Outdoor Anniversary Session

Michael + Stacia Paper Swallow Events

Today I wanted to share part two of Michael's and my anniversary photo session with Maddie K. Doucet. (You can see part one here and some tips for styling your own couple's session here!)

For the second part of the shoot, I wanted us to get a little more dressed up and rely less on props and more on having fun in our beautiful surroundings. We took all of these photos just before sunset, which really helped make them truly magical (in my absolutely-not-biased-in-the-slightest opinion.) Golden hour is no joke, peeps! It does wonders! 

I'm really thankful to have these photos as memories and even more thankful to be married to Michael! He's my best friend, cheerleader, and listening ear. Living each day with him around is simply the best! 

Who in your life is simply the best?

xoxo, Stacia

Photographer: Maddie K. Doucet  |  Location: Point Park  |  Dress: BHLDN (2 years ago)